Swiss Family of 5 In Search of Rig/Setup for U.S. Vacation!

This Swiss family of 5 adventure enthusiast are looking for a setup that will accommodate  5 adults from July 10th - July 30th.  They have the budget for a capable off-road setup that will give them the freedom to explore BLM land that may require reduced tire pressure, but no extreme trails that offer any risk to the lender's rig/setup.  This family has traveled extensively around the globe and is not new to off-road exploration.  They have taken many trips in Africa, Mongolia, South America, Australia etc. and they have the knowledge and experience to care for yours and their home away from home.  

The obvious challenge here will be finding something for 5 adults in such short notice.  We're looking for something along the lines of a 4x4 van or large SUV that can mount a roof top ten and/or pull a trailer with a RTT.  If you feel that your rig/setup could meet their needs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The family may also be willing to work an "Exchange" with you so that you could travel to Switzerland and use their home/vehicles/gear. 

This is an excellent way to earn a lot of extra cash, meet new friends, and/or possibly explore a brand new continent! 

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Check out a few of their family trip photos...

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