VA Girl Needs Gear for Backcountry Trails 5 mo. Program in California!

O.G.E. User: crispylimes



My packing list is huge! I'll be living in CA for 5 months of fully backcountry camping (at height) doing trail maintenance with the Backcountry Trails Program, if you're curious. 

I'm open to buying or renting and my most pressing needs (besides clothing) include:

-Sleeping bag (mummy style, 0 degree, liner preferred, and compression sac)

-Tent (1 or 2 person)

- Backpack* (internal frame, size/height Small, 70-80 L capacity)

-Cooking pot + Backpacking stove

*I actually have a brand new beautiful Marmot backpack but it's simply too big (Medium/Medium). I'd love to get some money for it or work out a deal to find one that fits me better. 

I'm a tad frantic about getting all my gear before I start driving across the country, leaving Williamsburg on April 15th for Reston, VA, then trekking west on rout 70 to Auburn, CA . IF you want to see my whole packing list, feel free to check it out HERE  I'm in Tennessee right now visiting family until Tuesday 3/28, so if anyone in Tennessee can help and sees this before I leave, please reach out to O.G.E to help me out!

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