Your Listing is your Key to integrating with O.G.E Community and all it will offer you.  
Here are some tips that will make your Listing shine...

1. Upload Great Photos

Photos are the first thing people see when they check our your Listing.  Great photos are the easiest way to entice people and make them interested in your Listing.  Professional photos of your Gear/Rig can make a big difference.  If possible, though not necessary, try to get a professional photographer to take photos for you. Using a high quality camera or smart phone with adequate lighting will also help you take better Gear/Rig photos.

A lot of relevant photos are crucial for a great Listing, though stay on topic.  Don't use your listing as another form of social media.  Only depict what a Renter/Exchanger would benefit from viewing.  If you think your photos are not nice enough don't worrythere are many ways to improve their quality and we can update photos as often as you like. 

2. Describe Your Gear/Rig Well

 Be sure to write a good description of your Listing.  It's a good rule of thumb to use around 300-500 words.  Write your description in a concise manner and remember to include all the relevant info.  If your Gear/Rig has Unique and Attractive features, don't forget to mention it; you can even take a photo/video and showcase these details.

3.  Present Your Area and Local Attractions

To add that little touch of personality to your Listing, highlight the three things you love the most about your Gear/Rig.  

Whether an Exchanger is picking up your Rig, or a Members is passing through to pick up your gear, Members like to get a “feel” for the places they visit. Help your potential exchange partner(s) or Gear Renter by listing activities and attractions your area can offer. It can be an exquisite scenic trail to a waterfall, an interesting medieval castle, your favorite local restaurant and watering hole, theme parks, or even your favorite spot to catch a sunset. 

Recommend all the places you'd recommend to your friends or family if they were visiting.  It's also useful to give traffic details and distances to closest airports, cities and attractions. Before starting to write your description, it helps to look at your area from a visitor's point of view. 

4. Make a Video of Your Listing

Home videos are a great tool to showcase your Gear/Rig!  This might take a bit more time but by creating a short video, you'll be very happy with the results.  Why not give it a try?

5. Keep Your Listing Updated 

EXCHANGERS: Keeping your listing up to date is especially for folks who post exact dates for their exchange.  We encourage Members to be as flexible as possible with dates and destinations.  Some people might be discourage to request Your Listing because of the fixed dates and/or destinations, although you could potentially be a perfect match.

Keep the Open to Any Adventures box checked on your Listing.  Part of the fun of the Rig Exchange Community is getting exciting exchange offers from destinations you never considered visiting.  Stay open-minded and ready for your next adventure.

6. Be Honest

There are many ways to improve your Listing, and make your Gear Listing or Rig Exchange offer more attractive.  Just remember to stay honest while presenting your Listing.  Don't over exaggerate your wouldn't want someone to do that to you, right?

7. Share on Social Media

An excellent way to build our community is to share your passion for travel with your friends and followers on social media.  

Try sharing your post on Facebook around 7am; 8pm; and 10pm.  Share your travel experiences and encourage others to get out there and start enjoying all that life has to offer! 

You never know, you may even inspire someone right within your own area may want to try our your Gear/Rig for a weekend getaway!

Post in Instagram around 8am; 12pm; 8pm, and 10pm.  Use Hashtags like #OverlandGearExchange ; #Adventure ; #Wanderlust ; #Overland ; #Outdoorlife ; #Outdoorfun ; #Outdoorlover ; #Outdoorliving ; #Outdoorgear ; #Outdoorpassion ; #OutdoorSupply ; #Adventurer ; #Adventuretime ; #Adventureculture ; #Adventurerider ; #Adventureseeker ; #Overlandempire ; #Overlandbound ; #Camping ; # Campingtrip ; #Campingcar ; #Campingvibes ; #Campinggear ; #Greatoutdoors ; #Traveler ; #Travelinggram ; #Travels ; #Travelgram ; #Traveling ; #Traveltheworld ; #Travelbug ; #Travelmore ; #Traveltips  

Now you have some good tips for creating a great Listing or updating your current one. 
Go for it!