Step 1

Once you've joined O.G.E. with a Traveler or Adventurer Membership, you can send us pictures of and details of merchandise you'd like to List for Rent or Sale.  You can post as many items as you'd like - either by listing items individually or you may list items as a Package Deal.  We will provide you with tips to make your items desirable to consumers in our Tips for a Great Listing page, and you will have the power to choose pricing, availability, as well as list any Terms and Conditions to go along with Renting your items.

Step 2


Once we receive your Listing, we will Upload your Merchandise to the appropriate Listing page.  You'll chose an Alias Name upon sign up which will appear in the heading of your Listing, along with a picture and a summary of your item(s).  Additional pictures, details, and Terms/Conditions will appear when consumers click the "READ MORE" link embedded in your listing.

Step 3

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 7.57.07 AM.jpg

When a Member puts in a Request for your Listing, the Member will complete our Rent or Purchase Intake form which will then be sent to you for Your Review and Approval  (excluding the renters private information).  If you choose to Accept the Members Rental/Purchase request, we will then obtain a Security Deposit from the Member to protect your Merchandise and connect you with the Member to complete the transaction.  

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