Self Driving 4x4 UAZ Buhanka Camper Van (Central Asia near Russia / China)

O.G.E. User: Alex Buhanka Man

Bishkek, Chuy 720000 Kyrgyz Republic (Central Asia near Russia / China)

Rental Price : $85.00

*Winter Discounts!*

Description: Self Driving UAZ Buhanka
What is a Buhanka and what will you tell my friends back home about the adventure you are going to have in Central Asia? Overlanding in Central Asia is quite easy and with a Buhanka you will fit in just right. These 4x4 vans are road ready and provide the most authentic experiences possible with the ease of doing it yourself. The UAZ Buhanka was created during the Soviet Union and were the idea 4x4 van for the Soviet Army. Amazingly not much has changed in the overall design, it still looks like a loaf of bread and it still has sold axels. But if it’s not broken don’t fix it right? 

I have 6 UAZ Buhankas some are build out with a bed in the back and some are not built out yet. Let's make sure you book the right van for your trip. 5 of the vans are new and I have 1 vintage van.

The Rock Buhanka was born in 2017

This Buhanka is great for overland adventures through Central Asia. It’s ready for the rough roads of the Pamir and the wild places in Kyrgyzstan. If you want to cross Kazakhstan and travel in style this is just the right car for you! It’s easy to drive with its power searing and ABS brakes and modernish electrical configurations.

This Buhanka is equipped with:

  • 112 horsepower with a top speed of ~110 km per hour 

  • 2.7 L 4-cylinder gasoline engine

  • Ideal group size is from 2 to 7 friends

  • Fuel injection system

  • Power Steering

  • 5-speed manual gearbox

  • Two-speed transfer case for the 4x4

  • ABS Brakes

  • Solid axels in the front and rear 

  • Ready for Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan

    All of our Buhankas are equipped with: 

  • All cooking equipment need for a trip into the mountains. 

  • Pots and pans and all cooking and eating equipment.

  • Beach chares for sitting in when you stop for the day. 

  • Route planning advice before you come to Kyrgyzstan. 

  • Electric tire pump

  • Tow strap

  • Jumper Cables

  • A set of tools

  • A first aid kit

  • A fire extinguisher

  • Spare tire

  • USB chargers

  • Extra gas can

  • 24-hour assistance

  • Price list for 2019:

  • 5-14 Days - 90 Dollars a day 

  • 15-25 Days - 85 Dollars a day

Terms & Conditions: The Security deposit is $350 dollars or Euros cash.
Age Limit for renting a Buhanka is 25 – 62 years old. 
Please make sure to bring an international driver's license with you.

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