2018 SmittyBilt Scout Trailer & RTT (3-4 Person)

O.G.E. User: TopoTerra

San Diego, CA

Nightly Rates
Winter $70 ● Spring & Holiday $80 ● Peak $90

Description :
This lightweight, functional trailer has many purposes; including full off-road capabilities with its 12inch ground clearance and independent suspension with dual shocks. Whether you are taking a quick weekend trip with the family, or going on an overland off-grid adventure, the SmittyBilt Scout trailer is perfect for the job. Weighing in at just over 1,500 lbs., this trailer can be towed by most vehicles. It’s 10 feet long, 6.25 feet wide, has 33 cubic feet of storage space and can haul up to 1763 lbs. With lots of space for gear, this trailer makes camping easy and will keep you and your equipment safe from the weather and elements. The Overland RTT sleeps 3-4 people, weighs 148 lbs. and has a double foam mattress that is 92.5’ x 74.8’. The renal price includes the trailer, RTT (3-4 person), 6-foot awning, 2600W Generator/Inverter, 52QT Arctic Fridge/Freezer, 7-Gallon Road Shower, 2 6-Volt batteries with a 1500W inverter to help run tablets, computers and other devices.

Rental Price Per Day: $70

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