Trailer w/ Roof Top Tent

O.G.E. User: Overland_LJ - Expo

Travelers Rest, SC

Description : Hitch up and go! Throw your gear in the trailer and set out on adventure.
RTT when open is 55"W by 96"L (big enough for 2 adults and a child, or a dog) 2.5" thick foam mattress . 

The trailer currently has a 2" ball hitch on it. 
Dimensions of trailer tub: 42"W x 60"L by 16"H(Plenty of room for firewood, gear and cooler)
Tongue length 3'
15" ground clearance at axle
26" ground clearance at bottom of tub

Includes Lock n' Roll Hitch

Fenders will be installed later this month, tongue will be lengthened to 5' and tongue jack.

Rental Price Per Day: $80

Per Week: $500

"Rent for 2 or more nights and borrow my 65qt. Engel Cooler FREE of charge!!!" - Overland_LJ

This item is unavailable: March 23rd-26th April 21st-23rd May 18th-21st

Terms & Conditions: User must provide information about the type of vehicle they'll be towing the trailer with. No food or drinks are permitted inside roof top tent except bottled water. The use of a heater/ fan is permitted at the users own risk. Any damage, tears, burns, holes etc will be repaired at the renters expense.


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