MacGyver Trailer

O.G.E. User: Utah Rover

Park City, Utah

  • 4x8 Cargo Storage Box.

  • Full Kitchen Setup for 4.

  • Full Hula Hoop Bathroom with 2 self pressurized water systems.

  • 120" outdoor movie system screen LED projector and speakers.

  • 100watt solar panel with 2 battery systems.

  •  20lb and 5lb propane tanks.

  • Awning system.

"This trailer can haul a ton of gear has been all over the western states."

Rental Price Per Day: $50

Rental Price Per Week: $300

Dates for rental are flexible.

Terms & Conditions: Rental agreement with photo copies of your Drivers License and Insurance ID Cards. Towing vehicle must accept 2" ball.

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