Exchange Agreements

All of our Members must use Exchange Agreements. They exist to support clear communication and they can also help to avoid any misunderstandings.

We know that no one like to fill out paper work, but we can assure you it will all be worth it once you finally reach your adventure destination!

 You and your EP should first discuss the Exchange Agreement and discover if there are any amendments that need to be made to fit your unique circumstances.  Once you've settled on the Exchange Agreement with any/all amendments you're both happy with, sign the Agreement and send it to your EP.  Each of you should retain a signed copy of the agreement.

Why is this important?

Agreeing to an Exchange is a serious commitment. People make plans, buy airline tickets and travel insurance which are usually all non-refundable.

The only reasons to cancel an exchange are death or a serious illness in the family. If you cancel the agreed exchange you will hurt the other side financially.  The foundation of an Exchange transaction is based on mutual trust, respect and commitment.

EXCHANGERS:  Do not buy tickets until you are sure you have a firm Exchange Agreement. When you both agree to go ahead and buy your tickets, you may like to exchange itineraries as extra reassurance for both parties. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance and if you choose to do so, check to see if your policy will cover you if your EP must cancel due to death or a serious illness in the family (no policy will cover against a Member just changing their mind about going ahead with an exchange and this is a small risk you must accept when arranging a Rig Exchange). Shop around for the best deals on both flights and insurance to suit your needs.


The O.G.E. Community is based on trust, honesty and commitment. We encourage all of our Members to be active participants in the safety of the Community. Members can contribute to a safer Community by providing reviews as well.  Send us feedback from your experience using O.G.E. and include reviews about your experience with your EP.

Any Member has the right to protect oneself and the freedom to request or volunteer a background check and/or driving record from their Exchange Partner.  It's also an option to list that you are open to volunteering this information to potential Exchangers in your Listing Page.

Exchange Etiquette 

Respond Promptly to All Messages.  Even if you’re not able to accept an exchange offer we ask you to reply to every message, preferably within 48 hours. Declining an offer is absolutely fine, but please don’t leave anyone hanging.

List Your Rig Honestly.  You want your EP to be just as excited upon arrival as when they read your Listing Page.  You wouldn't want someone to falsely advertise their gear to you, would you?

Follow the Golden Rule.  Deliver your Rig just as CLEAN and INTACT to your EP as you’d like them to deliver their Rig to you. Treat your EP's Rig better than you would treat your own.

Do Not Cancel!  Canceling on a EP once it has been set is more than just an inconvenience to them. From the moment you “shake hands,” plane tickets are purchased, tours get reserved and other non-refundable arrangements get made. 

Barring illness, injury, death or natural disaster, your commitment must be iron-clad, and if a compelling circumstance does force you to cancel, we ask that you make an effort to accommodate or find accommodations for your EP.