Backwoods Luxury

Backwoods Luxury

Williamsburg, VA

Our dates are flexible and we are open to all offers

We are 3 travelers: Mike, Lara, and our little hypo-allergenic Shitzu-Maltese - Lily.

Our locations of interest include:  West, U.S.A. (Washington; Montana; Oregon; California; Utah; Colorado; Arizona; New Mexico) All of Latin America; Caribbean; Canada; Africa; Europe; Asia; Australia; New Zealand 

More specifically:  Germany; Amsterdam; Spain; New Zealand; Australia; Asia; Central America; and Peru.

Though we have specific locations we’d like to visit, we are open to any adventure so please feel free to inquire about an Exchange.

We have a Conquerer UEV 440 and a full set of camping gear to make your overland experience fun, comfortable, efficient and easy.  You can view details of the UEV 440 here and our camping gear here.

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