Backwoods Luxury

Exchange#102 | User: O.G.E. 

Our dates are flexible and we are open to all offers

We are 3 travelers: Mike, Lara, and our little Shitzu-Maltese - Lily.

Our travel plans include exploring popular attractions within the boundaries permitted by our Exchange Partner(s).  We want to see national parks,monuments, historic landmarks, and indulge in local cuisine.  

We are open and eager for suggestions from our Exchange Partner(s) about where to go, what to see, and what foods to indulge in.

Our locations of interest include:  West, U.S.A. (Washington; Montana; Oregon; California; Utah; Colorado; Arizona; New Mexico) All of Latin America; Caribbean; Canada; Africa; Europe; Asia; Australia; New Zealand 

More specifically:  Germany; Amsterdam; Spain; New Zealand; Australia; Asia; Central America; and Peru.

Though we have specific locations we’d like to visit, we are open to any adventure so please feel free to inquire about an Exchange.

We have a Conquerer UEV 440 trailer arriving early spring 2017 and a full set of camping gear to make your overland experience fun, comfortable, efficient and easy.  You can view details of the UEV 440 here and our camping gear here.

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