The Absolute Best Tacoma

O.G.E user FJFAR80 has built the dream Tacoma!! This rig is built and built to last!

 Price: 25K

Fairfax, Virgina

2009 Fully-Built Toyota Tacoma

Well, it's time to thin the heard and sell the Tacoma. Most of you know about my Tacoma so, I will do the abbreviated version and you can PM me for specific details if there is something not answered.

This guy started out as a 2009 Toyota Tacoma Double-Cab TRD Off-road. It's a little something more now and it's pretty much a turn-key package for anything involving exploring, hunting, off-roading, overlanding, or even daily driving. I literally did not spare any expense on building my Tacoma and I have maintained it at an excellent level. This is not a showroom queen, it has some beauty marks...but, it is still in excellent condition.

Suspension - it's running a custom suspension setup of King, Total Chaos, and OME parts. The front has 600lb King Springs, custom-valved King primary shocks (remote reservoir) and custom-valved secondary bypass shocks (remote reservoir). The front upper control arms and lower control arms are both Total Chaos. In addition, all of the Total Chaos gussets available are installed (installed by Forge) including cam tab gussets and spindle gussets. The dual shock hoops and gussets are also installed. The rear suspension is a combination of OME Dakar springs, custom-valved King primary shocks (remote reservoir), and King hydraulic jounce shocks.

Performance - the truck is equipped with Doug Thorly short tube headers and a full URD exhaust system custom bent to provide additional rear clearance. The truck runs great and is equipped with a Scangauge, which gives you a bit more insight into what the vehicle is doing. The truck is also equipped with the proper Safari snorkel that was personally mounted by me and I use actual rivnuts instead of the plastic inserts that Safari includes - meaning it is mounted very well.

The electrical / solar system is unique and is just phenomenal. There is a 100-watt Renogy solar panel on the Prinsu Design roof rack that feeds into a Renogy solar controller. That then pushes into a battery isolator (Painless - 40103) with an in-cab switch allowing remote switching and self-jumping off of the dual Northstar X2 Power AGM Batteries. All battery cables are labeled so servicing is super easy. In addition, there is a front and rear mounted Blue Sea Systems auxiliary fuse panel to service the electrical needs of the vehicle. Lastly, there is an Andersen SB50 connector up front that can be used to plug in Andersen connector equipped jumper cables or an Anderson equipped 2300 watt inverter for all your superfluous electrical needs - including but not limited to blenders, hair dryers, curlers, and / or your favorite toaster.

There is a front ARB air locker with factory rear e-locker providing you all of the tenacious grip you could possible ever need...and don't worry about tires. I just put a set of 285/75/16 Goodyear MTRs on, they have less than 100 miles on them. Currently inflated to 48 PSI for excellent road manners.

Inside the cockpit your tush and the tushes of your passengers will be cradled in soft-grain ventilated leather compliments of Katzkin leather - installed professionally by a Katzkin installer in Arlington, VA. While having your tush cradled in luxury, you will be able to switch on all sorts of goodies...ranging from the roof rack mounted Heretic Studios lightbar, to the Rigid lights mounted front and rear. There is also a magical switch for the hot shower system...yep, you heard that has a Helton hot water shower system that is quite frankly the bee's knees when it comes to extended camping trips or a muddy dog. Hot shower hookups are mounted in the front bumper and are easy to connect to giving you on-demand hot water (not potable). But, wait...there's more water where that came from. There is a filtered water drinking system in the rear with a GE filter cartridge that can easily be swapped out and a small RV faucet attached to the driver's side rear bumper swing-out. There is a Pioneer double-din head unit installed with an iPod and Android input (stock speakers). I also have an iPad mini RAM mount for navigation purposes hard mounted using a Panavise dash mount.

Speaking of swing-outs...this truck is as armored as armored can get without sending it to Alpine Armoring for your favorite Level B6 treatment.

The truck is equipped with Slee sliders, a custom Brute-Force Fab dual swing-out rear bumper, a Demello Offroad front bumper (complete with a Warn M8000 with a Masterpull synthetic winch-line and a Factor 55 Prolink), and a full 4-piece Pelfreybilt skid plate system. Lastly, there are a set of custom (and removable) rock rails that attach to the front bumper and sliders providing additional front-end protection in tight trail situations.

In the rear there is an ARB refrigerator complete with an ARB fridge slide and transit bag. Also mounted in the rear is a 1730 Pelican case that has been bolted to the bed - the Pelican case serves as a waterproof and dust-proof storage box for all of my recovery and off-road gear. The bed is covered with a black Softopper equipped with an opaque black rear roll-up. The truck is wired for, and includes, a Uniden CB with a Wilson antenna mounted on a rear whip mount. Also included are two Scepter fuel cans filled with 93 premium gas from Sunoco.

Lastly, up top there is an ARB awning and Raptor Racks Maxtrax mounts that hold 2 sets of Maxtrax (included).

So, what does this truck needs - nothing, you're good to go out of the box. The bad, there is some slight surface rust on the rear axle and in a few places under the truck in just a few areas - just part of living in Northern Virginia - it does not have any of the penetrating frame rust the 2nd Gens are known for. The 1st gear synchro in the automatic transmission is lagging - as such, on occasion it takes a second or two for it to shift into 1st gear. I've had this checked by Toyota on multiple occasions and they said to just keep on driving it. I use Mobil 1 synthetic fluids (all around) and change them out religiously.

Lastly, you are going to get some goodies with the truck as well - first off you are going to get the damn near impossible to find Pelfreybilt rear shock relocation kit - including all tubes, frame supports, and instructions. In addition, you are going to get a new set of King primary remote-reservoir shocks and hydraulic jounce shocks custom made by Downsouth Motorsports to work with the Pelfreybilt rear shock relocation kit. These shocks are still in the box and have never been installed - as I never got around to installing the kit from Pelfreybilt. You're also going to get all of my spares - including a brand new Toyota front CV shaft and a brand new Autozone shaft (I always carry two spares when off-road). There is a complete set of belts, air filters, and probably a half-dozen oil filters. IN addition, I will include a set of Baja Designs LED fog lights designed for the front bumper - I have not had a chance to swap out the HID ones currently installed. I am pretty sure that I also have a set of extra headlights...don't ask.

I am sure I am forgetting a few things but, the bottom line is that I would get in this truck tomorrow and drive it across the country or take it off-road anywhere. I am under no pressure to sell the truck so, please don't throw any low-ball offers like, "I'll take it off your hands for $5,000 and a warm Pepsi."

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