Military Water Can MWC Shower + Pressurized H20 System for Backcountry Adventure

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Topanga+CA, CA

Sale Price : $95

$20 to Ship!

$95 for the MWC can and pressure cap assembly

$135 for the full basic unit with shower nozzle and hose.

Description: Military Water Can MWC shower and pressurized water system for backcountry adventure for cleaning dishes, gear or rigs.

These are great for emergencies or taking on backcountry camping adventures and road trips.

Also works great for boaters, surfers, kayakers, bikers or anyone else that likes to clean off after a messy day of fun. 

They are very durable, solid construction using HDPE #2 food grade plastic. This is the best plastic available and does not have dangerous BPA. 

The cans are made for the military, in the USA. You can drive a truck over them or throw out of a moving train and they will not fail. These are some of the best, most durable cans available. 

They are made to be strapped in a rack on the outside of a vehicle and withstand the punishing elements and keep your water safe. 


Here's demonstration video playlist:

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