Home-Built Storage/Sleeping System

User: WanderingMrFox


Description : This is a really cool home built storage and sleeping platform that will fit in many truck or SUV type vehicles.  The materials alone are almost as much as the asking price!  Here is what the owner who built it has to say:

"I built this system for an overland trip around the US. My wife and I slept in it for several nights. (Note that I am 6'4) the box is about 5 feet long (with a foldable flap that makes it 6 feet long once you move the front seats forward), about 14 inches tall and 41 inches wide. The interior has 10 metal L braces for rigidity. It does not shake, move, or squeak with 2 people on it. The drawers(38.5x25.5x6) slide completely out and are on ball bearings,that allows for access to the spare tire crank if you have one. The top was attached inside the vehicle and will have to be taken a part before selling, at that point point you may re use it, trim it, or make a new one depending on the interior size of your vehicle. It is currently in a 2008-2012 Jeep Liberty."

We would like to be able to just drop off at the buyers home if it is on our way, or maybe meet somewhere.

Sale Price : $300

Terms & Conditions: My wife and I are heading back to Alabama from Oregon, and will deliver if you are on the way and willing to wait.

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