How it all began...

The year of 2016 was full of amazing adventures, boosting our craving for more adventures with each trip.  

Lara, Lily, and Mike Whiting

With a summer of back to back journeys that stretch from Utah to various states along the east cost; On our trek back home from an exhilarating weekend at Overland Expo East, our need for an adventure fix was at an all-time high.  We had goodie bags filled with information about the newest state of the art merchandise for overland travel...but we were missing one key element...time and money.  The cost for the average person to travel to a far away land was truly out of our reach and we knew that in order to arrange a trip overseas, we would have to put away money for a longer time that we wanted to wait.

"I wish there were a site where we could exchange our rig with someone in Australia;  OR it would be great to rent our stuff out so we could afford to go on more trips"

...and the idea was born. 

We knew the overland community would get good use out of a service like this so we were compelled to get to work right away to make our dreams and the dreams of many others come true!