How it all Began...

We have been involved in many outdoor hobbies and activities over the years and sharing many amazing memories, and we realize that these things can be expensive! 
Overlanding and camping are no exception! After a fun filled 2016 with trips to Moab, Colorado, Ashville, Costa Rica,  and many more, our desire to travel was at an all time high, but the wallet, not so much.

We began to think of a way for ourselves and the Overland Community to be able to travel and take all the great adventures we've read about and seen others doing...but at an affordable price.


Wouldn't it be great if you could rent out your gear in order to help pay for your trips or your next "mod"?!  Or how about if you could rent someone else's rig/setup in Australia, you could save thousands by exchanging rigs with them instead. You could extend your stay longer! How cool would it be to try out someone's  RTT, Jeep, or Toyota for the weekend before you decide to buy one; Rent a Mountain Bike or Fly Fishing Setup in Montana; list your rig for rent, or rent someone else's RV/Travel Trailer and help fund their lives instead of paying big bucks to a commercial company.

We want Everyone to do and see everything this  spectacular world has to offer!
Join our Overland Gear Exchange Community and start making money to fuel your next adventure today!  The possibilities are endless, as well as the income you could receive!  

Please share our site with anyone and everyone you think could potentially own inventory to go up on our site; the more people in our community - the more chances for Adventure!!!

Please let us know what you would like to see on our site. Any feedback is welcome as our services at O.G.E. will be a valuable asset to the entire outdoor enthusiast community!