Step 1


Our exchange intake form will ask various questions including all of the places in the world you'd like to visit. You'll also be asked your scheduling availability so that we can match you with other exchangers.  Visit our Tips for a Great Listing page to guide you in creating your perfect Listing Profile.

Step 2

Once you've submitted our intake form, your information will be entered into our database to be matched up with someone who meets your criteria.  Once a match has been made, we will email you with details pertaining to all of the available travel opportunities.  

If a match could not yet be made, we will notify you so you may either resubmit a new intake form with alternate travel dates and/or locations, OR  your existing intake form will remain listed within our database and we will notify you when the first available match is found. 

Step 3

Once you've chosen a partner to exchange with, we will connect the two of you to iron out travel details and vehicle/rig information.  We will provide all of the tips and suggestions to complete a safe and successful transaction, as well as provide you with an Exchange Agreement Contract which can be adjusted to fit both parties.

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