2017 Hiker Trailer Extreme Off-Road

O.G.E. User: lostjohnny

Jackson, WI

Sale Price : $17500

Description : 
5x9 Off Road Base Trailer:
( Black Frame 17”, Steel Black Wheels 33” Tires, 3500 lb Axle, 2 Rear Dropdown Jacks, Front Jacks, Black Front, Storage Box Front Jacks, Black Front Storage, Box, 2x3 Steel Off Road Frame Long Soft Ride Leaf Springs w/ shocks, Surface Mount LED Trailer Lights, 2 Rear Shackle Mounts, Front Storage Rack, 7 Pin Wiring Connection, Safety Chains, Single Curb Side Door, Galley Door, 2” Receiver Rear Hitch, Two Windows, Roof Vent All Aluminum, Exterior Jeep and Other Lug Patterns Available) 
Screen Doors 
Roof rack 
Lock-n-Roll Hitch 
11 lb propane tank mount 
11 lb. propane tank 
Foxwing awning 
Under storage Cargo Pan 
Road Shower 
2 USB Combos 1 w/ USB and Voltage Meter, 1 W/USB 
80 Watt Portable Zamp - Solar Charging Panels
NOCO charger 3.5 amp 
Inverter 600 watt pure sine ZAMP 
Exterior lights 
Helper spring 
Roto packs Mounts 
Duratec Tire Upgrade - (6 on 5.5 bolt pattern)

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