M1101 Camp Trailer

O.G.E. User : Tahoe1

Woodland, CA

PRICE DROP : $7500

WAS : $8500

Description : 2009 Schutt Industries M1101 Trailer
- Fully registered with California Permanent Trailer plates
- Trailer lighting converted to 12VDC bulbs, 7-pin trailer harness
- Unitized body construction using aircraft grade aluminum and chromoly steel
- Maximum Vehicle Weight: Placard rated at 3400-lb, (axle and overall construction identical to M1102 trailer 4200-lb)
- Curb Weight: 1460-lb base trailer + estimated 800-lb for modifications (tent, frame, spare tire, drawers)
- 37x12.50x16.5R Goodyear MT OZ tires on HUMMWV 2-piece bead-lock wheels with runflat inserts

Trailer Tent Specs (As provided when purchased through HEO Outfitters in 2016):

- Fabric-Heavy duty 14 oz poly-cotton canvas W/P, W/R 
- Color: All Walls and roof and trim color to be 871C Dark Beige. 
- Custom length for tent-1410 mm from bottom of steel frame to ground 
- Floor: Main tent Floor, Grid PVC Fully sealed and sewn 600gsm 
- Bed Base: Marine Plywood with steel frame & accesses panels, 18mm thickness 
- Frame: High Strength Steel with custom dimensions
- Poles: Steel pole dia 25mm/22mm&22mm/19mm
- Windows: Both Mosquito and Midge Proof Netting on all, selected windows with Clear PVC to allow light during rain
- Travel Cover: High quality full 600 gr PVC WATERPROOF and DUSTPROOF Camper Cover with zipper and Velcro with 6 tie down straps and D rings
- Other inclusions: King size foam mattress with washable cover , 3.0"(8CM) thickness
- Repair Kit: Pieces of fabric (Canvas, Mesh, Grid PVC, Clear PVC, PE), extra pegs, ropes and adjusting bolts
- Steel Ladder to be powder coated (for access to main bed), ladder length to be lengthened appropriately for taller tent/trailer
- Including: Guide Ropes, Pegs, Poles, Annex Walls, Annex Roof, Annex Floor, 2 x Trailer Access Panels under bed, Tailgate Cover with access to tailgate, Internal Storage Pockets
- I have utilized a cheap Harbor Freight cargo net to help secure the tent cover from ballooning and flapping in the wind while towing. My ultimate idea was to use a taught canvas tarp secured over cover to provide same effect plus added abrasion protection. I just have not gotten around to doing so.

Trailer Modifications:
- Full size spare tire on same HUMMWV bead-lock wheel with bead-lock rubber insert, custom winch and underbody spare mount
- Converted to electric brakes with trailer breakaway control and parking brakes functional with factory brake levers. 
- Custom front tow bar lowered and extended, features 2” receiver for other towing options, includes adjustable channel mount with lunette ring
- Sale will include custom rotating pintle hook, and fixed pintle hook on adjustable height pintle plate(s).
- Custom Steel frame supporting trailer tent and side storage box
- Diamond tread aluminum side storage box for outside storage, width fits standard 20-lb propane tank for use with stove and water heater
- Pullout drawers on 500-lb full extension 60” slides: 
- Kitchen slide, includes Camp Chef Everest Stove w/ propane hose extension for use with tank, plastic drawers mounted for utensil storage. (20-lb Tank not included)
- Storage slide, fits 2 South Jetty 38 Liter Coolers plus 3 Greenmade 27-gallon storage totes (Costco), or 4 of the storage totes alone (Coolers included with sale, totes not-included) 

- Water system is unfinished but includes 15-gallon water tank to be mounted in enclosed area in front of driver side wheel well, Tank fill port with vent installed on side of trailer, Water hose inlet/outlet installed on side of trailer (intended for use as a pump outlet for use with shower/water heater plus inlet for filtered water), Shurflo 12VDC pump, Pentek 3G filter housing with Pentek MG-10MCB 0.15 Micron Microguard Carbon Block and PES Filter Cartridge, faucet, stainless steel drinking water faucet to be mounted downstream of water filter. Includes new in box Triton 5L propane on-demand water heater. All water components mentioned above included.
- Never got around to installing an electrical system. A 10 AWG positive lead for vehicle 12VDC is easily accessible and connected to 7-pin trailer harness for use in conjunction with a trailer battery system. Trailer also ready to accept backup lights by tying into one of the existing but unused blackout lighting circuits.

This trailer project has gone through several iterations and has been utilized on a few hunting trips in various configurations. All in all, the tent has been used on 4 camping trips since 2016. My plans were to finish installing an electrical system and water system with filtered drinking water and hot water. Also, to complete some finishing touches including paint and/or bed lining portions of the trailer and LED lighting. Unfortunately, I just do not have the time or space to continue with the build. I have two young kids and am currently in the process of moving which will result in losing a shop space. My newest plans involve the Ursa Minor J30 seen in some of the photos which I just picked up last week. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the build.

Terms & Conditions: Trailer will be located in Woodland, CA through April 4, 2019. After that date location will likely be Rio Vista, CA or South Lake Tahoe, CA (depending on weather and snow conditions).

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