Camper Trailer for Base Camping

O.G.E. User: Campertrailer

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Sale Price : $2000

Description : Camping trailer that was built as a base camp. Has 13 gallon water tank with a pump and faucet. This trailer was built to hold a XL sized Roof Top Tent. The tent has already been sold. It has four drawers that are 36" wide, 24" long, and 6" deep providing lots of storage room for your camping goods. There is a fold down table on each side and a top opening door on the rear. Has 2 6 volt deep cycle batteries, solar panel, controller, and power inverter. Custom built at home with intentions of using it for base camping. It was too small for my family of 4 but perfect for a couple.

Terms & Conditions: Complete transaction face to face.

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