Home-Built Expedition Trailer with CVT RTT for Sale

User: BackRoadOverland

Kodak, TN

Sale Price: $5500

History and Description:  The trailer was built in 2017 for a trip to Silverton, Colorado. The trailer has been used for multiple local trips before and after the trip to Colorado. The trailer and tent have been stored in a barn out of the weather. The trailer is a basic box with no electrical or any other commodities inside. There is a propane bottle mount on the front, and I have added jacks to the rear of it for stability while having it disconnected from the vehicle. The tent is a Mt Shasta CVT tent, which sleeps 2+ people. The mattress is the equivalent of a king size bed. The tent is in excellent used condition. The tent has no tears in the fabric or rain fly, it has a led light strip mounted in the top of the tent which can change to multiple colors based on your desire. The cover is the extra large cover which allows you to leave some gear inside the tent and fold it up. This trailer with the tent is very road worthy and off road friendly and has no problem running fully loaded or empty down the interstate, and can still get you into the back country to your favorite overlanding destinations.

Terms and Conditions: Must meet within 100 miles of Kodak, TN.  Cash only.


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