Built to Order Slide in Camping Trailer

O.G.E. User: kurtzinpa

Carterville, IL

Sale Price : $14875.00

Uses: Overlanding, Mountian Bicycle touring, deer camp, getting to the mountains or desert.

Each unit is custom made for the individual purchaser. There aren’t any units sitting in a warehouse collecting dust. That being said, we list our “standard” designs as starting places for you to customize to your vehicle and user needs. All interiors include 6 anchor points for motorcycles/ATV. On the exterior are several tie-down points to anchor your AmeriTop from shifting in the wind. The height, length, racks, doors etc can all be changed for your suitability. Interiors are unfinished. Changes will be quoted individually and quotes are valid for 30-days.

Using a modified “landing wheel” design, AmeriDeck SuperDeck III remains 10” (TBD) off the ground when unloaded. This keeps the AmeriTop off the ground, high and dry. The deck stays with the Topper. Or can be removed with the topper standing on standard RV jacks. Tie-downs to soil anchors recommended.

Standard units are .040 white aluminum skin with 1x1” posts on 16” centers. Optional is .100 unfinished aluminum. The roof rack is not intended for people to stand on, but a reinforced roof is available.

Optional Forward Cargo Rack needs to be 29” above deck level to clear truck cab. The cab is about 15” forward from the front of the pod.

We need to add carry handles on both sides so 4 people can carry the unit.

Terms & Conditions: The AmeriDeck SuperDeck-III lift is FOB the factory in Hadley, PA. The AmeriTop camping pod is FOB the factory in Iowa. Each pod is completely so you have options which may increase/decrease toe final price.

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