Item#102S | User: Colttriplett - 2014 VMI Offroad Trailer

Chattanooga, T.N.

SOLD at: $14,500

This rig has been a large part of my experiences in recent months. It has inspired me to go
places, and see things on my own schedule with complete freedom of movement, but also the
safety, security, and comfort of a set up that meets all of my needs no matter where I happen
to settle in for the night. Now the time has come to change directions, and try a different
approach. So, I am placing this rig up for sale. Please feel free to message me with any, and all
questions you may have.


With the following key features
- Full aluminum construction
- Rear mounted C jacks
- Full integrated front tongue box
- Full side fenders
- Crowned lid with rain gutters for roof rack mounting
- Integrated internal bulkhead
- Marine grade trailer wiring and connections
- Marine grade hardware
- LED taillights, marker lights, and backup lights
*CVT Mt. Denali Standard (4+ man w/ annex)
* Frontrunner Outfitters SlimLine 2 rack with Stainless Table mounted underneath and rooftop
tent mounts already installed (Both tall and short mounts included along with high lift mount
and shovel/axe mount)
* CargoGlide 600XL slide
* Norcold NR751 Refrigerator
* Fenders sprayed with Line-X
* 4 used Goodyear MTR tires on Toyota FJ wheels
* Max Coupler hitch
* Rigid Industries 4 Rock Light Kit
* Rigid Industries SR-M Flush Mount Back-Up Lights
* Rigid Industries SR-Q Flush Mount above the tongue box
* sPOD controlling all the lights and fridge with switches and via an iPhone app
* RotoPax gas cans (4 Gal cans w/ locks)
* (2) Odyssey PC1800-FT Batteries
* Truma Combi 4 (furnace)
* Zamp Solar 2000 Inverter/Charger
* Timbren Axle-Less Suspension
* Goose-Gear interior panels and drawer unit
* TrekPak lined drawers for the ultimate in organization

Name *

* ARB Dual Air Compressor (Installed, but not wired)
* Road Shower (4 gallon)
$14,500 has it.
Located in Chattanooga, TN.