O.G.E  is Confident and Readily Equipped to Build the Rig You've always wanted; with over 24 years of Experience in Mechanical, Electrical, and Custom Fabrication; you'll be Trails Blazin' in no time!

If you've been wanting to install a dual battery setup so that you wont drain your main battery while your plugged in at camp and you don't know where to start, let O.G.E. guide you down the right path.  Our mission is to save you time and money while building our Overland Community.  

With over 24 years of automotive electronic, mechanical, welding and fabrication experience, we can do anything from design your Dream Rig from the ground up, or simply help you with a Lift Kit or Winch Install.

Contact O.G.E. today to discuss all you'r options and let us get it right the first time!